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Part #10049B

Electroplating Touch-Up Brush

Electroplating Touch-Up Brush

Ideal for Plating and Touch-up
of Bolt Heads, Nuts, and Other Small Parts


Note: This brush can be used only with Eastwood’s Tin Zinc Electroplating System #10049Z. Please
read and understand all instructions for the system before using the brush. Keep electrolyte
solution off painted surfaces
Connecting the Brush
  1. Attach the Small Alligator Clip on the red wire (+) to metal handle of the Electroplating Brush.
  2. Attach the large Copper Alligator Clip on the black wire (–) to the part to be plated.

Using the Brush
Note: There are no fixed times for plating. Experience and practice will guide you. Do not stroke the
brush as if to paint the surface
  1. Dip the brush head into the electroplating solution. Be careful to wet only the bristles.
  2. Brush the part very slowly (for about 10 seconds).
  3. Repeat as necessary until plating is the desired thickness.