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Eastwood Fast Etch 16 Fluid Oz

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Dissolves rust, leaves a protective zinc-phosphate coating...all in 1 step

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Fast Etch™ effectively dissolves rust and leaves a protective zinc-phosphate coating...all in 1 time-saving step.

  • Excellent metal prep for powder coating and painting
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and reusable
  • 1 quart treats 50-75 square feet of metal

Just spray, brush, wipe or dip Fast-Etch onto your rusted parts and enjoy the double benefit of rust removal and a protective zinc-phosphate coating.

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About Eastwood Fast Etch 16 Fluid Oz

This specially formulated rust remover is a powerful, rust-fighting liquid created to meet the needs of auto restorers. It reaches even inaccessible areas, quickly dissolving iron oxide completely and leaving a zinc phosphate coating. Fast Etch can be sprayed, brushed, or used as a parts dip. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and reusable. This is not a primer. Treated surfaces should be wiped with PRE Painting Prep (10041 Z) or thinner before priming and painting.


Contains 16 fluid ounces (1 pt)., and covers about 20 square feet.


There is a minimal risk of Hydrogen embrittlement when using this rust remover. Bake de-rusted parts at 400 degrees F. for 3 hours if the minimal amount of hydrogen embrittlement is a concern. This rust remover works as a great alternative to abrasive blasting for rust removal.


19418ZP Fast Etch, 1-gallon jug
10041Z PRE Painting Prep


Eastwood Fast Etch is a Phosphoric acid solution that leaves behind a corrosion resistant coating. Removes rust in seconds to several hrs. depending on temp. and severity of rust. One pt. treats about 20 sq ft. Our rust remover works faster at 90 deg F than at 70 deg F. Fast Etch does not remove paint but may cause discoloring. Remove loose rust & degrease surface with PRE Painting Prep (10041 Z) before using rust remover. After removing rust, wipe down part with PRE Painting Prep (10041 Z) and top coat with Self Etching Primer (16014 Z) Aer. or (16009 ZP) Qt.

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