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EW Royal Blue 3:1 SS Urethane

Item #50228ZP

Premium acrylic urethane topcoat
for exceptional long-lasting beauty

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Eastwood Royal Blue 3:1 SS Urethane

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About EW Royal Blue 3:1 SS Urethane

EW Royal Blue 3:1 SS Urethane


96 Fl. Oz


21856 ZP activator required. 50250 ZP Urethane Clear and 50251 ZP Activator 50240 ZP Urethane primer and 50241 ZP Activator 50040ZP THRU 50042ZP PAINT PREP KITS 12454Z Block sanding kit, 20491 3-gun set 20472 Air managemnet system

MSDS Sheet

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Always wear appropriate eye, skin and breathing protection.


Made in USA


Clean surfaces of all contaminents. Abrade surface to be painted with a minimum of 320 grit sandpaper working up to a 600 grit for maximum adhesions. Re-clean surface. After shaking paint, mix 3 parts paint with 1 part activator Use caution mixing materials as paint may begin to gel after 2 hours at 70Ö. HVLP gun setting 8-10psi 1.4-1.8mm tip. Eastwood paint is designed to give complete coverage in 2 coats. Allow 10 minutes flash time between coats, should be tack free in 45-60 minutes, full cure in 18 hours

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