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EW Satin Black Hi Temp Paint Pint

Item #10133Z Brand: Eastwood

Apply a custom look for manifolds and headers

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Improved Satin Black Coating! Custom look for manifolds and headers.

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About EW Satin Black Hi Temp Paint Pint

Improved Satin Black Coating! Custom look for manifolds and headers.


One pint Satin Black High Temp Coating


Use the Reusable Sprayer (34111Z) for more even application. Coat mounting hardware threads with Anti Seize Compound (43236) to prevent threads from corroding.


Contains Xylene 1330-20-7, Ethyl Benzene 100-41-4, Toluene 108-88-3, VMP Naptha 64742-39-8,Isopropyl Acetate 108-21-4. Keep away from heat,sparks & open flame. Use with adequate venting.Vapor is harmful. For breathing difficulty, remove to fresh air and obtain medical attention. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. If swallowed,do not induce vomiting.Call a physician immediately. For eye contact, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists,obtain medical attention.Avoid prolonged skin contact.Warning:This product contains a chemical known to State of California to cause birth defects & other reproductive harm.


Made in the USA. Shelf life approx. 6 months.


Make sure surface to be coated is free of any coating or rust. Abrasive blast or wire brush to remove all rust and other coatings. Liberally spray derusted manifold with PRE Painting Prep (10041Z) and allow to dry. Apply two medium coats (dabbing with a disposable foam brush works well to minimize brush marks), allow coating to dry overnight before reinstalling part on car. Coating does not need to be heat cured however it will further cure on start-up in 20- 30 minutes. Paint is thin enough to spray right from the can. Clean up with lacquer thinner. Use a fresh cartridge in a quality respirator if spraying.

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