PSA Sandpaper for Eastwood Elite Contour DSB Dustless Sanding SystemPSA Sandpaper for Eastwood Elite Contour DSB Dustless Sanding System

95% LESS DUST! Laser straight panels with almost no dust or mess when using the Eastwood Contour DSB Dustless Sanding Block System. Sand inside your garage without worrying about rain, cold, hot sun or other elements that delay your project. The DSB System gives you great results with the added benefit of a clean workspace.


What is Dustless Sanding?

Dustless sanding uses a specially designed block with holes that align with holes in sandpaper. A hose connects the sanding block to a shop vacuum with an adapter to match the hose sizes. A regulator in the hose line allows you to adjust suction to get the best results no matter the substrate or grit of sandpaper you are using.


What are the benefits of dustless sanding?

Anyone who has sanded bodyfiller and primer knows that almost all of it ends up on the floor, your clothes as well as on everything near the car. And we didn't even mention how it gets tracked all through the garage and house. Because the Eastwood Elite DSB System captures 95% of the dust, there is almost none on the floor or on your clothes. It's amazing how clean everything stays compared to using a standard sanding block.


Can I use the DSB System on Drywall?

Absolutely. It's been tested and used in drywall with great results. Just make sure you use the finer grits of sandpaper when sanding.


How long does the sandpaper last?

The PSA Sandpaper for the Contour Elite DSB Sanding Blocks lasts about twice as long as normal PSA sandpaper. I know that you're thinking that because there are holes, there is less surface area for sanding and it probably doesn't last as long. But because the vacuum system quickly removes any dust it's not able to build up and clog the sandpaper. The lengthens the lifespan of the paper and it also saves you time because you don't have to constantly stop sanding to try to unclog your paper. the vacuum system does that for you as you sand.


How many rolls of sandpaper do I need to sand a car?

This really depends on the size of the vehicle and the substrate you're sanding. A standard car with a typical amount of body filler to get panels straight and fill imperfections will take about one roll. Remember you will need multiple grits to get a good paintable surface. You will start with a lower grit like 40 or 80 and then work through some finer grits because the finer grits will remove the scratches left by the heavier grits.

Larger vehicles could take more than one roll per grit. Also, if there is a lot of bodyfiller, that could lead to more rolls being used. But you will use less sandpaper than when using standard sanding blocks.