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Fairmount Professional 6 Piece Hammer and Dolly Set

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Fairmount 6 Piece Hammer and Dolly Set

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Fairmount Body Hammers and Dollies are designed for precision metal shaping as performed by skilled craftsman for more than 100 years.

  • Pro-quality metal-forming hammers and dollies
  • Precision engineered for comfort and control
  • Manufactured with high quality raw materials
  • Heat treated, hand ground and polished surfaces
  • Durable plastic padded case for easy storage

Each Fairmount Hammer is painstakingly designed for optimum balance, exacting head configuration and high quality raw material to ensure years of reliable service. The hand ground and polished head is securely mounted to the handle, giving you the comfort and control you need to achieve professional results. Fairmount Hammers & Dollies are the choice of professionals and DIY's, see the entire Fairmount line and build your heirloom collection today!

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