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Fairmount Grind Your Own Hammer

Item #16034 Brand: Fairmount Tools

Create your own custom body hammer profile to suit specific bodywork needs.

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For years, seasoned body men have preferred to grind their own body hammer profiles. Now you can do the same without ruining a good standard profile hammer.

  • Same renowned Fairmount quality
  • Premium Hickory handle
  • High carbon steel head
  • Generous amount of material can be re-ground as needed
  • Grind to fit the application without ruining a standard profile body hammer

Eastwood provides a clean slate with the Fairmount Grind Your Own Body Hammer. Featuring a generous amount of material in a round striking face and cylindrical end, any custom profile can be created either to fit a particular application or reflect personal preferences all with the same long recognized Fairmount quality.

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About Fairmount Grind Your Own Hammer

The Fairmount Grind Your Own Hammer is a high quality forging specifi cally designed with a generous amount of material in the striking face and back end providing experienced auto body technicians the means to grind their own hammer profi les for personal preferences and to accommodate unusual or seldom encountered metal shapes without resorting to ruining an expensive body hammer.


Contains One Hammer


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Always wear proper safety equipment when using or grinding this hammer. Never grind this hammer and then quench in water. The steel could fracture and cause a dangerous flying debris situation


1 Year Warranty from Factory Defects Made in Taiwan

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