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Fairmount Tools Disc Brake Piston Wind Back Cube

Item #31481 Brand: Fairmount Tools

Rotates pistons back into disc brake calipers
Only $5.99


This cube tool rotates pistons back into brake calipers when replacing brake pads on vehicles with rear wheel disc brakes.

  • Tool has 3/8" square drive and provides five drive pin configurations
  • Designed to work on most cars and light trucks
  • Heavy-Duty Construction Ensures Durability

For use on European imported and American domestic vehicles alike including Chrysler, Ford and GM vehicles with 4 wheel disc brakes.

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(1) Fairmount Disc Brake Piston Wind Back Cube


• Works by Rotating Pistons Back into Brake Calipers
• 5 Drive-Pin Configurations Fits Most Applications
• Use With 3/8-Inch Drive Tools
• Heavy-Duty Construction Ensures Durability


Always read instructions before using this tool.
Always wear proper safety Equipment while using this tool.

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