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Fairmount Tools Inline Spark Checker

Item #31480 Brand: Fairmount Tools

Fairmount Tools Inline Spark Checker
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The Fairmount Inline Spark Tester is a must have diagnostic tool for any engine with a spark plug, & can quickly and easily diagnose ignition issues or a fault in the fuel delivery system.

  • Quickly diagnose problems with all ignition systems
  • Connect the tool between the spark plug and the plug wire
  • Lights up to clearly indicate that the circuit is working properly

Use for essential troubleshooting for all Internal and external combustion engines, cars, trucks, motorcycles, lawnmowers, chainsaws, trimmers, snow-blowers, generators etc. A must have for any individual, professional mechanic garage and auto shop.

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(1) Fairmount Inline Spark Checker


• 6" Boot/Cable
• 5" Shaft/Light Housing
• Weighs 2.2 oz.

Nickel Plated Shaft, Double ended flexible tool offers a straight boot.
Internal bulb lasts for years, but is replaceable through transparent housing


• HOW TO USE: Simply connect the tester between the spark plug and the plug wire, if spark is being sent, the tester will mirror the spark and light up - Find dirty spark plugs, defective points, bad cables or connections, etc.


Always read instructions before using this tool.
Always wear proper safety Equipment while using this tool.

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