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Hobby Air Pro 40 Full Mask 80ft Hose

Item #12703 Brand: Hobbyair

Includes air pump, hose, full mask
mask; OSHA-, NIOSH-approved
Only $899.99
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Hobby Air Pro 40 Full Mask 80ft Hose

  • PROAIR two stage turbine. 6.5 cfm
  • OSHA, NIOSH & MSHA Approved
  • Full Face Mask
  • Positive air flow, cooling fresh air, nothing can get into the mask
  • 40 feet of flexible air delivery hose

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About Hobby Air Pro 40 Full Mask 80ft Hose

THE PROAIR SERIES RESPIRATOR: Is designed for the professional who demands a system that will give great performance, ease of use, along with a comfortable fit. PRO AIR Supplied air respirators give you the protection from harmful Isocyanates allowing only cooling fresh air into a half mask and eliminates fogging in hoods and helmets. The PRO AIR two stage turbine gives out a positive air flow of 6.5 cfm of air and includes 80 ft of hose and a belt line hookup which will enable you to tie both air and paint hoses together in order to give you the convenience of a single hose. Designed to give safe and affordable protection to the professional painter Supplied air respirators are the safe way. to paint And are OSHA, NIOSH & MSHA Approved for the small to large business that is required to comply with these standards.

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