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Choose A Powder Color

It doesn't matter how that project of yours ended up in your garage. What matters is the condition that it is in. But when you're done, you want it to be the kind of vehicle that no one would ever allow to gather rust.

At Eastwood, we're here to help. HotCoat® Powder Coating System is improves on regular painting and comes in a variety of textures and colors to bring your dream to life, so that you can get that project out of your garage and on the street. Once you get your project ready for exterior work, you'll find the perfect powder coating kit to get the job done exactly the way you envision it.

Best Powders for Powder Coating

When you're customizing or restoring your prized machine, you don't want to settle for a shade that's "close enough." The Eastwood powder selection is full of colors and textures that will give your car, bike or parts the eye-catching look you've been searching for. As one of the pioneers of DIY powder coating, we are known throughout the industry for quality powders that are durable and chip-resistant. Every color will coat and cure in less than an hour, so you can get your car to the show or on the road.

Eastwood Powder Coat Colors

Whether you're powder coating a fender, a wheel or a tailpipe, you can find a color that's just right at Eastwood. We have more than 90 different colors to choose from for OEM or custom applications. We start with standard pigments such as blues, blacks, reds, yellows and grays, then create cool variations for different uses. You can get clear powders as well for adding protection. Select a basic powder coating color to see everything we have to offer in that line. Our blues alone contains more than a dozen different tints!

The Right Effects for Your Project

Our development isn't limited to just colors. Eastwood also offers a number of different textures and effects to give a powder coating part the right countenance. You'll find powders that are metallic, glossy, flat, translucent and reflective. Whether you have a hot rod, muscle car, cruiser or Harley, we'll help you make it the best-looking machine in the area.

Durable Quality from Eastwood

At Eastwood, we believe that DIY doesn't have to mean inferior work. In addition to offering high-quality powder coating powders, powder coating stencils and other supplies, we provide tech advice by phone or email for those who need it. You can also stop by one of our shops seven days a week to see our assortment of powders in person before you buy.

Since 1978 we have served the DIY community with pride. With our more than 4,000 unique products and our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee, we put the power of a professional auto body shop into your home garage. You've invested a lot of time and money in your project. With Eastwood, you'll get that job done right.


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