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Enhance the durability of powder-coated finishes with this epoxy-based powder.

Starting at: $12.99

Provides a custom matte black light textured finish.

Starting at: $10.99

Create a custom black-chrome look over chromed and polished finishes.

Starting at: $13.99

Black isn't black with this custom powder featuring sparkling flakes.

Starting at: $27.99

Low gloss black wrinkle finish perfect for custom parts or hiding minor surface defects.

Starting at: $9.99

Black Diamond Metallic powder provides a glossy finish with fine metallic particles.

Starting at: $16.99

High Gloss Jet Black powder provides a smooth, glossy finish.

Starting at: $8.99

This smooth, custom flat black finish provides a durable, great looking finish.

Starting at: $8.99

Provides a smooth custom matte black satin finish.

Starting at: $10.99

Mirror Black gives a super deep, wet, glossy finish.

Starting at: $8.99

A deep semi-gloss black finish for when satin and gloss will not do.

Starting at: $8.99

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Black HotCoat Powder Coating

When you want to do a true vehicle restoration that is factory-spec right down to the color, chances are you’re going to need some black powder. Black is the ultimate automotive shade and has been the most popular car color for decades. It’s for good reason, too — black is a smart, confident choice that shows you aren’t trying to impress anybody. But you’ll still impress them anyway after using a HotCoat® black powder coat from Eastwood. This dry-painting will OEM-match chassis, frames, oil pans, engine covers and many other parts in a durable protective finish that gives classic cars a second life.

Factory-Spec & Custom Powders

Some people make the mistake of thinking that once you’ve seen one black car, you’ve seen them all. But there are plenty of powder coating colors with an eye-catching take on this powerful hue. We stock flat black, satin black, semi-gloss and jet gloss black powder coat powders used by major manufacturers. Want a little more spark than what the vehicle came with off the showroom floor? A metallic black powder coat or chrome black powder coat will spice up your hot rod. Texture, wrinkle and stardust powders add a cool custom touch for shows, and we even we even have a black powder coat primer that improves the durability of these finishes even more.

Guaranteed Quality & Results

As a DIY automotive leader since 1978, Eastwood helps you do the job right whenever you dry paint. Our powder coats prevent water, grime, chemicals and impacts from damaging the metal beneath so parts last longer. They also contain no solvents or other substances that can harm the environment while you’re powder coating. We do more than just develop great products — Eastwood also offers free powder coating how-to articles and videos that give you the know-how to use them. Call or email our auto experts to learn more!


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