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Blue Powders

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Blue Powder Coating Finishes

Blue may be one of the most popular colors in the world, but with HotCoat® blue powder-coating powders, you can turn your vehicle into a true original. The color blue is for people who have thought through every part of their restoration project and won’t give in to hype or hysteria. Every time someone sees your powder coated blue wheels, springs, roll cage or undercarriage, their mind will instantly feel calmer. But you’ll still have the spark to light up every show or drive.

Fast-Coating HotCoat Powders

Make any part of a car look better for longer by choosing powder coating over liquid paints. This finishing technique is faster to apply, durable enough for any metal surface and doesn’t release harmful solvents into the air (or your lungs). Eastwood blue powder color have a brilliant look that will hold fast against water, fuel, oil, impacts or scratches. If you add a UV-resistant clear coat, you can even use powder coating for the main finish.

Blue Automotive Colors for Everyone

Make the smart choice for looks and longevity from more than a dozen blue powder coat colors. Options range from a translucent intense blue powder coat that show you mean business to the tiffany blue powder coat that fits your jewel of a restoration. We also have navy blue, rally blue, mirror blue and metallic blue powder coat formulas. Match the OEM look of a classic car or truck with Ford light blue, Ford dark blue and Cadillac blue finishes. With a sea blue or aqua powder coat, you’ll be ready for a cruise by the boardwalk.

The Best Powder Coating Supplies

Eastwood has been a DIY automotive leader since 1978 that provides the tools and supplies you need to do professional-quality work. Load up your HotCoat Powder Coating System with your favorite shade of blue and see why it’s the choice of auto enthusiasts everywhere.

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