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HotCoat Gray Powder Coating Powders

Show you’re in control of a restoration or custom mod by coating parts in these long-lasting gray powders. They’re part of the Eastwood Elite HotCoat® Powder Coating System that makes it easy to protect parts while making them look great. Depending on the shade, the color gray can represent sophistication, intellect, mystery and a “quiet cool”. It’s the ultimate negotiator, showing you have an edge without going completely over the top.

Use HotCoat gray powder coating on wheels, engine parts, suspension components, roll cages, and brackets to give them a corrosion-resistant finish. The gray color is also great for shop accessories such as lifts, storage racks, hand tools and tumblers. If it’s made of metal, you can finish it with our gray 100% virgin powders that Do the Job Right.

The Right Silver Powder Coat for Your Project

While we don’t quite have 50 shades of gray powder, there are still many options depending on the part and the desired look. Eastwood Rally Wheel Charcoal Powder Coat gives wheels a smooth finish that contrasts well with chrome rims. If you want a bare metal look while still shielding against impacts, consider powders based on the hues of stamped steel, blasted steel and cast iron. Our HotCoat Chrome Smoke powder looks great by itself or as a base to clear coats and translucent powders. Other gorgeous colors include glossy squirrel gray, calming periwinkle gray and back-to-basics gray primer.

Use our search filters to find the exact color, gloss level and finish that will turn heads. Powders can be bought in quantities as small as 8 ounces for small projects and sample tested. On the other end of the spectrum are 50-pound gray powder coat bags for professional shops. Visit the Eastwood tech library for free articles about the art of powder coating. All powders have lifetime support by phone or email.

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