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HotCoat Orange Powder Coating

When you’re spending entire weekends in the garage tinkering on the latest restoration project, one word should come to mind: fun. Make your car look like the blast you had fixing up by using orange powder coat colors to finish and protect an assortment of metal parts. People who choose orange for their cars and trucks are always ready for a good time and a good joke. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also the color of the metaphoric fireball you’ll be when you put the hammer down. If that sounds like you, shop at Eastwood for HotCoat® powders that DIYers and professionals alike can use on any metal surface.

A Durable Way to Coat Parts

Powder coating is a practical and economical way to coat springs, wheels, oil pans, transmission covers, firewalls and many other parts. Instead of using solvent-based paints that take forever to dry and are dangerous to breathe in, use environmentally-friendly powder coats instead. A dazzling fluorescent orange or burnt orange powder coat takes just 20 minutes to cure at 400 degrees and produces a smooth, impact-resistant finish every time. It’s tough enough to use in engine compartments yet flexible enough to not crack or ship on impact. Our powder coating articles and videos will get beginners up to speed fast on how to dry paint.

Bright Colors for Great-Looking Cars

Add a little pop or a lot by applying orange powder coats to your next project. We offer OEM-match orange powder for classic Chevy and Chrysler muscle cars along with the V-twin chopper is you want your bike to scream. Our candy orange powder coat will make everyone notice your hot rod. Translucent atomic orange can be a single-stage or two-stage topcoat over chrome, white and textured paints that change its appearance. The possibilities are endless with durable powder coats and our complete HotCoat system that give you the tools to do the job right.


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