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Light Violet provides an extremely durable high gloss finish.

Starting at: $9.99

Create a custom candy violet finish over polished metals or chrome powders.

Starting at: $15.99

A deep glossy candy grape finish when applied over chrome, polished or chrome powdered parts.

Starting at: $14.99

A deep medium Purple high gloss finish with fine metallic sparkle flakes.

Starting at: $15.99

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Eastwood Purple Powder Coating

Purple is one of those car colors that most people either love or love to hate. But if your one of those people who loves the classic look of a purple Dodge Challenger or Chevy S10 pickup from the 1970s, Eastwood will help you bring it back the right way. Our HotCoat® powders for powder coating come in several shades of purple so you can give body panels, springs, valve covers, trunks and even wheels that perfect finish.

Quickly Go Purple with HotCoat Powder

When you put the color purple on your hot rod or muscle car, you’ll be the one setting the fashion standard. You can go with a dark purple powder coat, metallic purple powder coat, transparent purple powder coat and many other hues. The dark purple shade bring back memories of Chrysler’s vibrant “plum crazy” look from their heritage vehicles. If you want your custom ride to really get noticed, use our candy purple powder coat that looks like a raspberry and is just as sweet. We also have a light violet powder coat that is a more subdued take on the color of royalty.

Durable Powder Coats That Last

Whether you prefer a car that looks like a sophisticated classic or a nuclear grape, Eastwood HotCoat single-stage purple powders will help you do the job right. These powders coat and cure in less than an hour, leaving behind a color-fast, chip-resistant and chemical-resistant finish. You can apply them over bare metal, chromed metal and other top coats that add an extra flair or shine to the finish. Give your engine compartment and extra pop by purpling up your caps or turn the entire car into a rolling does of nostalgia. All of our purple urethane powder coats have a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee for DIYers everywhere.


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