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This powder produces a deep Medium Red high gloss finish with fine metallic sparkle flakes

Starting at: $19.99

Create a glossy candy red finish over chromed, polished or chrome powdered parts

Starting at: $13.99

Glass smooth 90-95% gloss red finish

Starting at: $11.99

Signal Red gives a deep, high gloss red finish

Starting at: $9.97

Provides a deep glossy red finish, similar to what was on your little red wagon

Starting at: $10.99

Stand out with this high gloss Bright Pink powder

Starting at: $9.99

Super gloss candy red powder looks great over chromed or bright white bases

Starting at: $16.99

Provides a deep 80+% glossy maroon finish

Starting at: $9.99

Provides a deep 80%+ gloss Ruby Red finish

Starting at: $10.99

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HotCoat Red Powder Coating

You didn’t spend weeks, months or even years restoring that dream car of yours just for it to blend in, did you? The color red has long been long been chosen by drivers and DIYers that have a zeal for life and want to share it with the world. Add a HotCoat® red powder coat to your vehicle when you want it to have an aggressive look that lasts. Your pulse will be racing on the track, highway or showroom floor with these bold automotive finishes that have a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

Bold Red Powders for Cars

The guys and gals in the R&D shop have developed an assortment of red powder coating shades to give body panels, tailpipes, fender wells and more an exhilarating appearance. Our high gloss red powder coat packs an atomic punch for hot laps. We have a deep “red wagon” powder coat that brings back childhood memories, crimson red powder coat powder for your king muscle car and a transparent red powder coat that can be applied over chrome and wheel paint. Turn a hot rod into one sweet ride with a candy red powder coat followed by a clear finish. We even make ruby red and pink powder coats for the ladies who love to work on their cars.

Professional Powder Coating Results

Our DIY HotCoat red powders are 100 percent virgin powder that produce a chip-, chemical- and impact-resistant finish. Apply them to any metal surface — most parts can be coated and cured in less than an hour. Using red powder coats is more economical and better for the environment than solvent-based paints. We offer these powders in quantities up to 50 pounds so professional shops will always have enough for the next project. Do the job right with high-quality red powder coating colors that are always exciting and never subtle.


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