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Silver Powders

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Silver Powder Coat Colors

For a sleek look that also protects valuable car parts, go with matte or gloss silver powder coat powders from Eastwood. All of our 100% virgin HotCoat™ powders are formulated to provide great resistance against impacts, chemicals, chips or cracks. They also don't contain any harmful solvents. The color silver is a great way to add a modern sophisticated look on cars and motorcycles. Silver powder coat wheels, valve covers, oil pans, shocks and other parts using the highest-quality powders.

Colorful Custom Finishes

Silver is silver, right? Not when it comes to HotCoat powder coating. We offer nearly a dozen options to give vehicles a silver tone. For example, there are not one but two great wheel silver powder coat options. OEM Wheel Sparkle Silver matches the factory finish on many wheels, making it a good choice for restorations. Rally wheel silver can be used to refinish authentic rally wheels or for custom applications.

Several types of chrome powder coat are also available. Get Extreme Chrome Powder for a hyper-silver powder coat or chrome smoke power to make a more subdued look. Other popular powders include cast aluminum powder coat for engine parts, silver vein powder coat that adds depth and metallic silver powder coat lining that sparkles. The silver base powder coat is a great bottom coat over which to add Eastwood Candeez and other translucent midcoats.

The Powder Coats You Need

Whatever the tone or finish you want from a silver powder coat, Eastwood has you covered. Powders are available in sizes ranging from small 8-oz. "sample bottles" to giant 50-pound bags for professional builders. Visit the Eastwood tech library for resource articles, such as our guide to restoring and powder coating wheels, that help you get the most from your new powder. The tech team is also available seven days a week by phone and email or at Eastwood's brick-and-mortar stores.