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HotCoat® Powders and Additives

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All HotCoat® Powders are formulated only with virgin powders and are UV* and fuel resistant. They are optimized to promote static charge for uniform coverage and finish. Powders are available in convenient 8oz. bottles or can be ordered in quantities up to 50 pounds.

*Epoxy formulated and Vein powders are not UV resistant.

Priming With Powder! The legendary durability of powder-coated finishes is further enhanced with this epoxy based powder primer. If corrosion resistance and adhesion are important to you, you'll want to use this primer under every opaque powder we sell. (Not for use under the High Temp Powders or directly under translucent finishes). For best results apply to bare metal and place in preheated 400°F oven until flow out occurs. Do not cure beyond flow out as adhesion will be adversely affected. Remove from oven and allow to cool. Apply powder color of choice and cure as normal.

  Corrosion Resistant Primer 8 oz.
Item No#: 10301

Fast Powder and Paint Remover

Here's and environmentally friendly coating remover that really works fast by dissolving the coating-not stripping. It's actually faster than any other remover we've used! Works as long as surface remains wet. Simply immerse parts to be treated in the Dissolver and remove a few minutes later when coating changes color, then rinse residue off with cold running water. Larger parts can be treated by recirculating product in a plastic kiddie pool with a small solvent resistant pump and vinyl hose to assure complete coverage. Dissolver is re-usable. Made in the USA.

Eastwood Powdercoat Dissolver
Available in Quarts and Gallons