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Concours Pro gun set ... Is it?

The definition of “Professional” is based on whether you’ve gotten paid for your services in a particular filed, so technically the 5 year old girl across the street selling lemonade is professional. When it comes to tools, what you and I consider professional is a particular standard of quality that sets a piece of equipment apart from the cheap stuff. Eastwoods Concours Pro two gun set calls itself that, but does it measure up? Follow me as I go through a check list and determine if the “Pro” is a pro.

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1. Concours pro ships in this lockable case, making it convenient to store without a gun cabinet, which is a great feature for the weekend painter making it simple to keep your equipment clean

2. The case holds 2 guns and cups, an air pressure gauge, tool kit, a 1.3, 1.7 and 2.0 fluid tip for the large gun. Most pro guns don’t come with multiple tips... so this is actually an added benefit for less money...


3. The tool kit has a gun wrench, cleaning brushes, Allen wrench, and 2 1/4 inch fittings. Most pros use high-flow fittings, but it’s nice to have extras for other tools...(Search the Eastwood website for High Flow 3/8 Id fittings)

4. Eastwood designed the Concours Pro to accommodate the 3M PPS system of cup liners. PPS costs up front, but saves time and solvents when cleaning or swapping multiple colors or materials...definitely a pro-feature.

5. The #2 PPS tip is the one that threads on, just in case you need to order


6. PPS offers another layer of filtration with the cup liners, and gives you the ability to spray upside down and at crazy angles without spitting.

7. Most Pro guns ship with an air gauge...So does Concours Pro...CHECK!

8. The Mini-gun arrived to me with a 1.0 fluid tip. There are other (smaller) tips to follow, but the 1.0 gave me a great pattern.


9. The wheels for Zedsled are billet aluminum, but I wanted them black. The combination of the Metal Blackening system and the 1.0 mini gave me great control and exactly the look I wanted for the wheels...The small gun body was great for reaching all the subtle angles in these wheels.

10. On large panels, namely Zedsled, the Pro gun with the 1.3 Tip gave a nice side pattern, and sprayed sealer, base coat, and clears with ease and great control. Careful cleaning in between steps is necessary, but the gun came through and easily compared with my Best spray equipment.

11. Zedsled is black, and black shows everything...No trickery here, the finish is first class.


Well, is it? The Concours Pro two gun set did everything I asked of it, and did it under pressure with no issues, hickups, spitting, or misbehavior. For me, what makes a “professional grade” tool is whether it lets me focus on technique and results instead of quirky operation and unpredictable controls. I shot Zedsled and didn’t think twice about the guns, and that’s as good a recommendation I can make. Does this set live up to its name? CHECK!!!