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Louver Dies for Bead Roller

Item #28160 Brand: Eastwood

Use with Eastwood Bead Roller 28187, 21327, and 21487 to produce professional-looking louvers

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With a little practice, these hardened steel louver dies, and the Eastwood Bead Roller (28187, 21327, and 21487) you'll be able to produce professional looking louvers.

  • Produces 3/4" wide by 3/16" high louvers
  • Works on up to 18 gauge steel and 14 gauge aluminum
  • Multiple passes allow the hardened steel louver dies to slice and progressively form the louver profile.
  • Fits bead rollers with industry standard 22mm shafts

End contours can be formed with The Eastwood 13146 Trim Hammer and 28030 Panel Beater Bag.

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