Welders and Plasmas Sale
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JET WH-45T 45" Professional English Wheel
Only $2,879.00
Jet 8" x 14" Horizontal Geared Head Bandsaw HBS-814GH
Only $2,699.00
Jet 5" x 8" Horizontal Bandsaw J-3230
Only $1,099.00
JET HVBS-712, 7" x 12" Horizontal / Vertical Bandsaw
Only $1,499.00
Jet 9" x 16" Horizontal Bandsaw HBS-916W
Only $3,699.00
Jet 10" x 18" Horizontal Bandsaw HBS-1018W
Only $4,699.00
7X12" Jet Deluxe Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw
Only $1,599.00
JET HVBS-56M, 5" x 6" Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw
Only $679.00
JET J-8201K, 14" Metal/Wood Vertical Bandsaw
Only $1,549.00
Jet 18" Metal/Wood Vertical Bandsaw VBS-18MW
Only $2,565.00
JET JVM-836-1 Step Pulley Milling Machine 115V 1Ph
Only $7,703.00
Jet 20" Floor Model Drill Press 115V 1Ph J-2550
Only $1,349.00
JET J-2500, 15" Floor Model Drill Press 115V 1Ph
Only $747.00
Jet 3-1/8" Spindle Bore Geared Head Lathe GH-1640ZX
Only $20,999.00
Jet 8" Shop Bench Grinder JBG-8A/JBG-8B
Only $419.00
JET J-41002 2 x 42 Bench Belt & Disc Sander
Only $499.99
Jet 6" x 48" Belt and 10" Disc Machine J-4210K
Only $999.00
Jet Pedestal Stand for Bench Grinders JPS-2A
Only $149.00
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Eastwood has what you need when it comes to metal fabrication. Eastwood offers high quality Metal Brakes, Slip Rolls, Bead Rollers, English Wheels, Planishing Hammers, and Tubing Benders. Also offered is a large selection of shears for cutting metal to any size you need.