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Metal Fabrication Tools

Metal Cutting, Metal Brakes, Shrinker Stretchers, Bead Rollers, Tubing Bending, English Wheels, Planishing Hammers, Mallets and Sandbags

Shop Fabricating Tools

When working on auto restorations and repairs, you often need to create new body panels or reform the existing ones. Eastwood metal fabricating tools are made for those who work on cars and need the best equipment to do so. From large equipment to portable tools, we have the right supplies to cut and form metal to your exact specifications. Our team regularly attends car shows to see the results of these tools and get feedback to make them even better.

Heavy Equipment for Fabrication

For big parts that require big equipment, this is the place to shop. There are several classes of metal forming tools depending on what type of shaping you need to do. Eastwood carries sheet metal brakes for forming angles, tubing benders for creating brackets and holders, bead rollers for making strong lines and bends, English wheels for forming curves and planishing hammers for light bending and finished. All of these parts are either manufactured by leading brands or developed and tested by our own experienced automotive team.

Metal Fabrication Hand Tools

For smaller jobs, working with a tool in the palm of your hand is sometimes still the best choice. Our hand metal fab tools can be used for anything from precision forming to a good whack. You'll find an array of metal cutters like bench shears, hand shears, mini saws and tin snips. When large machines can't give you quite the look you want on a panel, take a metal forming mallet to it. These shop tools are portable as well if you need to do metal work away from home.

Design Flawless Body Panels

Anytime a fender, door, patch panel or trunk opening doesn't look quite the way you want, Eastwood can help you get it right. We've been helping DIYers do full restorations and custom bodywork since 1978 and have a record of success. Check out any of our metal fabrication tool categories for the equipment you need to get metal ready for the welder.

Eastwood has what you need when it comes to metal fabrication. Eastwood offers high quality Metal Brakes, Slip Rolls, Bead Rollers, English Wheels, Planishing Hammers, and Tubing Benders. Also offered is a large selection of shears for cutting metal to any size you need.