Metal Fabrication English Wheels

Metal Forming English Wheels and Accessories

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Custom-form shapes in up to 16-gauge steel
Only $699.99
Form metal quicker and with more control
Only $14.99
For use with our English Wheel's, includes - 3", 4", 6" and 8" anvils
Only $139.99
For metal fabrication of auto panels and general metal-shaping
Only $449.99
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An English Wheel (English Wheeling Machine) is a metal-forming tool that allows you to produce compound curves in sheets of metal. The wheeling process stretches the metal between a top rolling wheel and the bottom anvil wheel, both of which are easily adjustable to your exact needs. With additional anvils for sale separately, you can add a variety of different curves to the metal work piece. English Wheels are commonly used to fabricate coach-built automotive panels, aircraft skins, and more. With our English Wheel metalworking tool, fabrication shops and DIY hobbyists can now shrink, stretch and custom-form shapes, recreating panels that are no longer available.