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Mallets and Sandbags

Metal Forming Mallets and Sandbags

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Get the toughest jobs done without leaving a mark with all 3 Mallets

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Won't mar your workpiece as you shape and form sheet metal
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Metal Fabrication Mallets & Accessories

There are a lot of advanced machines and power equipment for working with metal. But sometimes, banging on something with a hammer really is the best option. By keeping a metal mallet or three on hand, you can form patch panels and custom pieces in ways that larger tools sometimes can't. They're also great for race teams who need to do on-site repairs such as banging out rubbing body panels. These no-mar hammers will help you stretch and form metal into any shape.

Mallets Designed for Metal

Metal-forming hammers aren't like other hammers - especially when you order them from Eastwood. Instead of traditional rubber mallets, we've designed mallets with a head made of UHMW polyethylene plastic. This material is much stronger than rubber but is still flexible, so you can use greater force when needed without damaging the metal. Our standard mallets have rugged hickory handles while the advanced models have a full polyurethane coating and textured no-slip grip.

Mallet Kits & Sandbags

We've worked on enough body panels to know that one size or shape doesn't fit all. That's why we offer round metal mallets, teardrop hammers and special "dead blow" mallets. Each one comes in three distinct sizes to provide various levels of force. By ordering a metal-shaping mallet kit, you can get up to six unique mallets so you always have the right tool on hand. For additional support, use a Panelbeater leather sandbag as backing. This will let you be more precise without risking gouges from hard pounds.

Strong Metal Working Tools at Eastwood

When you're forming panels for your car or motorcycle by hand, every hit needs to count. Our mallets for metal working made to the highest standards so you can tap, bang and whack your way to a good-looking piece. Our hammers are made in the USA and have a 90-day return policy if you're somehow not happy with them.