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Eastwood MIG 250 Welder

Item #20279 Brand: Eastwood

30-250 Amp infinite control allows you to weld up to 1/2" steel 120/240v input

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Powerful, lightweight 250 amp MIG welder at a DIY friendly price

  • Welds 20 gauge up to 1/2" plate
  • 120 or 240 volt powered
  • Infinitely adjustable 30-250 amp welding range
  • 60% duty cycle at 250 amp setting
  • Weighs just 66 lbs
  • Torch cable Length 10 feet
  • Ground cable length 10 feet
  • State of the art inverter technology
  • Uses 4 in or 8 in wire spool
  • Optional spool gun for aluminum wire
  • Trafimet ERGOPLUS24 10 foot torch
  • 3 year warranty

Eastwood designed this 250 amp MIG welder from the ground up to be powerful, easy to use, and inexpensive. With its state of the art inverter technology, it weighs 1/2 as much as similar welders and cost 1/2 as much too. But it still delivers all the power you will ever need to weld steel from 20ga to 1/2 inch thick and aluminum from 14ga to 1/4" thick, with a 60% duty cycle at its full 250 amp setting. Plus, with the efficiency of the inverter and the ability to run on 120v or 240v, you can easily take it to the race track or job site and run it off a generator. It also has infinite adjustability of both its voltage and wire feed speed settings, can take both 4 inch and 8 inch diameter spools, and feed steel, stainless or flux core wire from .023” to .045”. Add the optional spool gun and weld aluminum like a pro too.

The 250 amp Mig welder is the only truly portable unit on the market today. Operates on either 120 or 240VAC! Lightweight unit ships to your door via FedEx or UPS eliminating costly truck shipping freight fees. Welds steel, stainless or aluminum, with optional spool gun, or outdoors with flux core wire. Powerful inverter based power supply is capable of over 250 amp output on 240VAC with a 60% at 250amp duty cycle. Unique wire spool mount is configured to hold either 2lb or 10lb spools of wire and utilizes 0.023 inch up to 0.045 inch steel or stainless wire diameters for complete versatility.

Infinite Adjustments

The MIG 250 has infinite adjustability of both its voltage and wire feed speed settings

Precision Drive Motor

The drive roll mechanism which is the heart of any MIG welder is designed to our specifications and delivers flawless wire feed without skipping or slipping on the wire.

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(1) MIG 250 Welder
(1) Trafimet ERGOPLUS24 10 foot torch
(1) Ground Cable with Clamp
(1) Shielding Gas Regulator
(1) Shielding Gas Hose
(1) Extra Contact Tips (2) .030"
(1) 8" Wire Spool Adapter
(1) Steel MIG Wire, ER70S-6, 2lb., 0.030"
(1) 120/240 VAC Adapter Cord
(1) Drive Roller
(1) Instruction Manual



Can use standard 120VAC, 20 amp 50 or 60Hz power.
Welds up to 140 amps on 120VAC.
The mig 250 will also use standard 240VAC, single phase 50 or 60Hz power.
Unit will weld up to 250 amps with 240 VAC input.
Use a NEMA 6-50 receptacle and a 50 amp dedicated line for this machine.
This welder fits on the Eastwood multi unit welding cart (11616).


Always follow manufacturer's instructions for proper safety requirements when performing welding tasks.


3 year warranty against manufacturing defects

Instruction Manual

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Replacement Parts

20319 MIG250 Drive Roller 0.6/0.8
20325 MIG250 Drive Roller 0.9/1.2
20571 MIG250 Ground cable with clamp
20572 MIG250 Torch nozzle
20573 MIG250 Gas diffuser
21324 MIG250 Torch Liner

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