1970 Pontiac GTO

I have shown my car on the national stage of AACA in 2009 , winning , first junior (Charlotte NC), then first senior (Gettysburg Pa) , all on the first try! I'm now qualified to compete for the most prestigious of all AACA awards; "The Grand National "  in New Bern NC for 2010!   I have also been invited by  request from the national board of AACA to represent "eras of special significance" in their 75th Aniversary Show in Louisville, Ky. this July ! Showing AACA national events  is second to none, and something I'm very passionate about, but being able to drive my car and enjoy looking through the windshield , with 22 year old eyes,,,priceless!

-1970 GTO, purchased in 1981.
-Parked for 18 years after daughters birth in ’86.
-Car was then torn down and all numbers matching parts were retained
-major bodywork done by Steve and Set McCollum of Dents and More body shop

I used Eastwood Spray Gray, Chassis Black, and Zinc Phosphate. All these products performed flawlessly, adding much class to every detail.

The products were used on ; master cylinder,  frame/chassis, and hood hinges, respectfully.

Thanks Eastwood for all you do for the hobby , and special thanks go to Dawn Sheetz, now there's a great car gal, and very knowledgeable representative. You guys are very fortunate to have her on your team!  Thanks Dawn, you are first class!

Tim Lancaster

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