1974 VW Sun Bug

I guess you could call me a shade tree mechanic but here is the first ever restore I ever attempted. I paid 600.00 for the car so you can imagine what it looked like when I started. I used BugMe videos and Eastwood products to bring life back to this little car. Rust Dissolver and Rust Encapsulator became my best friends, as well as a number of your other products. All performed exceptionally.

When I restored this little car, I did it as a hobby. I have never done anything like this before, but between products from your company, BugMe Videos, and a number of third party suppliers, I was able to turn a car destined for the crusher into a pretty descent looking, fun to drive car. I also joined my local VW club here and they participate in car shows, so I have entered this car in 5 shows last year, results: 1 first place finish, 2 second places finishes, and 2 third place finishes.

I own 2 of these little pieces of auto history. My next project is my 1971 Super Beetle convertible and I will need plenty of your products to save this one.

Ken J.

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