Eastwood Ceramic Chevy Orange Engine Paint

This is an under hood restoration I did on a friends car using Eastwood's Chevy Orange Ceramic Engine Paint. I repainted the motor with it still in the car. This paint goes on nice with no brush strokes, I used foam brushes. It took 2 coats to cover existing paint that would not come off motor and 3 coats on areas where the paint came off the block.

I mixed paint approximately 1 time every 2 minutes to ensure the pigment stayed evenly dispersed for even color distrobution. Proper prep is key; you must clean off all loose paint, rust, and dirt with wire brush, scraper, etc. Then use solvent or Eastwood pre just prior to painting to get block and motor properly cleaned. Also you need to ensure not only air temp is correct but that motor and block temp are correct prior to painting too.

I had done an overall under hood restoration on this car repainting the complete motor with it still in the car (not easy). The fan clutch & alternator fan were both cleaned, polished and cleared. I repainted the cooling fan, pulley's ,alternator, brackets, The coil and coil bracket were also repainted. I removed the rust and corrosion from the power brake booster with a wire brush and then polished it by hand. I also removed and cleaned the metal power brake vacuum line. A wire brush was used on the exhaust manifolds to remove any rust/dirt and then recoated with Eastwood Gray High Temp Exhaust Manifold Coating also using a foam brush.

Came out good especially with Eastwood’s new 650 deg ceramic engine paint and their gray high temp exhaust manifold paint.

Here are some pictures of a 69 chevelle ss 396 4spd I have owned since 1978.

Courtesy of Eastwood customer Scott Wheaton

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