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Eastwood is dedicated to research, develop, and provide the best products for automotive DIY enthusiasts. The OEM Select product line is constantly growing and evolving. Below is the current product offering for OEM Select.

OEM Select Gallons, Quarts, Pints

Gallons, Quarts, Pints

All OEM Select Paint is available in Gallon, Quart, and Pint cans. Use this paint in a quality HVLP paint gun for a perfect paint job. These are currently available in Ready-to-Spray (RTS) and Unreduced Basecoat formulas.

Ready-to-Spray (RTS) Basecoat paint includes paint and reducer already mixed in the can. All you need to do is stir or shake the can before spraying. No further mixing or reducing is required and the amount of paint that you purchase is the total sprayable amount that you will have available.  Unreduced basecoat paint requires mixing at a 1:1 ratio of basecoat color plus reducer prior to spraying.  The total amount of unreduced paint you purchase doubles because you must add the reducer to this paint. All basecoat paints will require a clear coat.

OEM Select Aerosols


Aerosol spray paint cans are easy to use and don’t require a lot of other paint equipment like compressors and spray guns. Our OEM Select Basecoat Aerosols come in 10.5 oz. cans and are Ready-to-Spray (RTS). Eastwood mixes the aerosol paint colors to perfection and will match any OEM Select color you choose. All basecoat paints will require a clear coat.

OEM Select Reducer


OEM Select Reducer is formulated specifically for use with unreduced Eastwood OEM Select paints to achieve proper atomization and flow-out. It can also be used to further reduce ready-to-spray OEM Select paints up to 10% of total volume as needed. When purchasing with Unreduced Basecoat, we recommend ordering a 5L reducer with you 1 gallon and a 1L reducer with 1 quart or less and mix 1:1.

Reducers are available in Slow, Medium, and Low-VOC options. We recommend choosing Medium when spraying in 70º - 80º F temperatures. If you are spraying in 80º-90º F temperatures, we recommend choosing the Slow Reducer. Our OEM Select Low-VOC formula meets local VOC requirements and is 50-state compliant.