Do It Yourself Pro Quality Paint Job

Car Craft Magazine and Eastwood Show You How

A professional paint job is becoming more expensive every day, but you can get good results by doing most of the work yourself. We'll show you how to...


...And chances are any paint job that cost less than that is not something you want on your car, unless you are just trying to unload it on to the next sucker. You'll see in the article, just the proper paint, primer, activators, and body fillers add up to over $400.00

By performing all of the stripping, body work, and prep yourself, you can get a paint job that looks like it cost you thousands of dollars, for just hundreds. After all, besides the cost of some of the higher end paints, the vast majority of what you pay for at the body shop is the labor to make the underlying metal worthy of the painters time. Click the picture for an item by item and step by step breakdown of what a quality DIY paint job involves, and to see the before and after pictures.

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