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Paint Strippers and Cleaners

Paint removers, surface preparation and cleaning solvents

Eastwood Car Paint Strippers & Cleaners

If you want a great new paint job to stick, then the before and after work is just as important as applying the basecoat. Shoddy prep work will end your dreams of a beautiful ride before you even apply the primer. And when you're done with the final coat, you want to be able to clean up quickly. Eastwood's gigantic selection of painting preparation equipment and cleaning supplies will help you produce a car show winner.

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Removes stains, corrosion... brightens aluminum surfaces
Only $28.99
Cleans and degreases in 1 application; no residue, fumes, solvents
Only $22.99
Spray-away compound residues that spoil that show-car sheen
Only $18.99
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PRE preps for a great paint job

Quality Auto Paint Strippers & Tools

In order to get the best results, you need a completely bare metal canvas to work with. Here you'll find several forms of automotive paint remover to tackle both small and large undertakings. Professional grade paint strippers can be brushed or sprayed on to quickly remove old coatings. These solutions can be used on urethanes, epoxies, mattes, enamels and other common finish. For really tough projects, use conditioning tools and abrasive discs to grind away stubborn layers while simultaneously cleaning the surface. These grinders are also good for stripping away rust that will interfere with new finishes.

Cleaning Supplies for Before & After

Even if you're starting with unpainted metal, you still need to get the surface ready in order to have a successful outcome. Metal cleaners and degreasers such as Eastwood PRE Painting Prep will remove old wax, grease, dirt and other junk without leaving behind a residue. We have special aluminum cleaners as well that will help paint or powder stick. When the final coat is dry, hand cleaners and paint gun cleaners will leave both you and your equipment good as new and ready for another restoration.

Superior Automotive Solutions Since 1978

Eastwood takes pride in offering products and supplies that auto enthusiasts of any experience level can use to do the job right. We also provide tech advice by phone and email for those need extra support. Use our paint removers, surface prep tools and cleaners so you can breeze through the dirty work on your next DIY adventure.


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