Eastwood High Temperature Engine Paints

High Temperature Paints

In our decades of experience working with auto body projects, we've seen some incredible work inside engine bays, with restoration enthusiasts giving bold colors to engine components.

Not just any paint will work inside the engine bay, however.

That's why at Eastwood we have a large line of high temperature engine paints available as part of our more than 4,000 products. These engine paints are specifically engineered to handle the high-heat environment of your engine - especially the older engines found in vintage automobiles. With these engine paints and exhaust coatings, you can produce eye-popping effects whenever you pop open the hood at a show.

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Eastwood High-Temperature Paint

When you need finishes that can take the heat, Eastwood is the place to shop. Automotive people know it can get really hot in the engine compartment when you're out riding - and even hotter under the manifold. Using high-temperature engine paint will maintain that gorgeous factory appearance without burning off, chipping or getting ravaged by chemicals. We manufacture coatings in a number of colors and offer VHT aerosols and Glyptal enamels for your car or motorcycle.

Car Engine Paint

Give people another reason to look under the hood by using Eastwood ceramic engine paint after your next rebuild. Brush or spray it on along with a urethane activator for a beautiful shine that can handle temperatures up to 650 degrees. The ceramic nanotechnology helps seal parts against weathering, rust or spills. Our engine block paint comes in dozens of universal colors as well as OEM shades such as old Ford blue, Hemi orange and Buick red. We have 2K Aerospray™ engine paint as well for paint gun-free applications.

Exhaust System Coatings

If you thought the engine gets hot, you should see the exhaust parts. Use Eastwood high-temp exhaust coatings on your vehicle to provide protection in extreme conditions. Our standard manifold and header paints are rated for up to 1,400 degrees and come in gray, silver and black colors. Advanced internal thermal coatings will withstand a whopping 1,800 degrees of heat. They can also help reduce overall temperatures and increase scavenging for more power. Basic 600-degree exhaust paint is formulated for hangers, mufflers and tailpipes that have more airflow to cool them.

Award-Winning Products & Service

Eastwood engine and exhaust paints are made by people who love working on cars for people who love it just as much. These parts generate a lot of heat, but they'll continue to look good when they have the right high-temperature coating. We have been serving the auto restoration and custom builder industries since 1978 and are here to assist you with any product or project questions.

Contact us today by email or phone, and tell us about your project. We'll point you to the perfect engine paint and give you pointers on how to get the job done right. Each one comes with our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee, and will help you get out of the garage and into the show, where your project belongs.


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