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Mixing Equipment

You can sweat the preparation of your body work all you want, if the paint isn't clean and mixed properly you're never going to get a good finish. Its important to keep the paint clean from imperfections when it goes in the gun, and when it goes on the car. Eastwood has filters to make sure no bugs or dirt makes it into your gun. We've also got mixing cups specially labeled to make sure your two stage paint and activator get mixed in the perfect ratios. Spraying metallics, pearls or metal flake? Or just mixing your own custom colors? You may want our pneumatic paint shaker to insure that can of paint is perfectly mixed and a uniform color all the way through.

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Rockwood air powered paint shaker mixes standard pint to gallon cans perfectly in minutes
Only $169.99
34-oz. disposable-cup starter kit helps you paint with less mess
Only $107.99
Faster and more thorough than stirring; uses less than 2 cfm at 90-120 psi
Only $199.99
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