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Eastwood Activators & Reducers for Paint

Choosing a great basecoat and clear coat for your car is the start of a great paint job, but the right activator or reducer will help finish it. Adding one or both to your ride will give it that smooth, shiny and durable look you seek. We have formulated a number of auto paint reducer and activator choices for use with our single-stage urethanes, ceramic paints, urethane clear coats and other products.

Activator Solutions for Single-Stage Finishes

In the auto paint world, activators are synonymous with "hardener" or "catalyst". Both help the basecoat or clear coat to cure and harden, preventing bubbling or fading while also helping to protect against weather or chemicals. We have auto paint activators for 4:1, 3:1 and 2:1 mixing ratios. Low-VOC urethane activators are made for use with matching clears and with the Eastwood Basecoat Clear Coat System.

Urethane Auto Reducers

Adding a reducer to your paint or primer helps thin it the right level for better flow and atomization when you apply it. This will give you a smoother finish without sanding and will help prevent the infamous "orange peel" bumps and texturing that can happen to fresh paint. Our reducers contain no water or alcohol, making them the right addition to everything from ceramic underhood paint to Candeez custom finishes.

The Right Speed for the Right Temperature

Both Eastwood paint activator and paint reducer are available in slow, medium and fast formulas. Each is designed for use at a different temperature. Choose slow activators and reducers for use on days above 80 degrees when you need a higher flash point. Medium-rated products are an all-around solution but work best between 70 and 80 degrees. Use fast activators for cooler temperature below 70 degrees so they will cure quickly.

Make Your Car Look its Best

Combining the right urethane activators and reducers for your single-stage DIY painting project will help give it that vibrant pro-quality appearance. Eastwood is happy to answer your questions by phone or email if you're wondering how to use these products for the best results.