For as long as there have been cars, there have been rusty parts. Water, snow, salt and other elements are constantly trying to eat away at the metals used throughout your vehicle. For safety and aesthetic reasons, you want your automobile to be as rust-free as possible. Eastwood’s rust-stop products are used for countless vehicle restoration projects and custom builds to stop iron oxide before it can corrode your prized machine. We offer a number of innovative finishes and coatings that treat and stop unsightly rust.

Ridding Rust from Your Vehicle

Removing as much rust as possible is essential before working on metal, as even a hint of rust can compromise its structural integrity, as well as its ability to hold paint and primer. Eastwood Rust Dissolver and Fast Etch are innovative rust solutions that use a chemical formula to completely remove oxide, leaving surfaces ready for painting or powder-coating. We also carry more metal stripping drums, stripping discs, and wire brushes to remove rust and prep the metal. If you simply need to prevent rust from spreading further, you can opt for one of our rust treatment finishes. These encapsulators and converters neutralize, coat and seal rust in wheel wells and undercarriages.

No Rust is a Must

If you’re working with brand new metal or have managed to remove all the rust from an older vehicle, use our rust-proof paint for your car to keep it from making an unwanted return. These anti-rust coatings and kits for internal frames, doors, chassis and other parts isolate iron and steel from environmental factors that cause oxidation. Make sure to check out our rubberized undercoatings as well as penetrating oils that loosen, de-rust and clean metal. Eastwood has been a DIY leader for decades and is eager to help you solve your automotive rust problem with our premium rust-stopping products.

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Before you do any restoration work on your vehicle, you usually have to deal with rust in a big way. That means a few things: stopping rust in its tracks, removing old rust, and preventing new rust from forming.

Lucky for you, Eastwood offers some of the best rust removal products around, as well as Rust Encapsulators that seal and stop rust, rust converters that transform surface rust into a paintable surface, anti-rust sprays that seal against future rust, and even rust remover gels that dissolve rust on vertical surfaces without drips and without a lot of effort. For dealing with rust in hidden areas, like inside a frame, Internal Frame Coat seals and stops rust from damaging your vehicle from the inside out.


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