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Learn how to treat rust before it ruins your car

Rust Remover for Cars

When you find your next project car in a barn, junkyard or field, it's practically guaranteed there'll be some rusted metal. Eastwood rust remover auto supplies make it easier to get rid of these tin worms so you can work with clean and shiny parts instead. Any sort of iron oxide can prevent fasteners or paint from adhering and may also put the car's structural soundness in jeopardy. Use one of our car rust remover systems to peel away the years and restore metal's former glory.

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Strip Rust and Scale on Rough Surfaces
Only $53.99
Great for Paint Removal
Only $21.99
Great for Paint Removal
Only $21.99
Cutting and Buffing
Only $24.99
Aggressive Rust and Scale Removal
Only $49.99
Aggressive Paint, Rust and Filler Removal
Only $49.99
Leaves de-rusted metal ready to paint or powder-coat; liquid or gel

Starting at: $18.97

Dissolves rust, leaves a protective zinc-phosphate coating, all in 1 step

Starting at: $18.99

Quickly remove paint & rust or surface condition metal

Only $249.99

Sale $179.97

Paint or rust removal applications
Only $21.99
Eastwood CONTOUR SCT® Expanding Drum
Only $69.99
For use with the Eastwood CONTOUR SCT® Expanding Drum 21146

Starting at: $7.99

Safest & Fast way to clean rusty dirty threads
Only $28.99
Safest & Fast way to clean rusty dirty threads
Only $28.99
3M™ Scotch-Brite™ discs get down to bare metal fast to clean and strip
Only $39.99
Works with your drill to scrape away rust, paint and other coatings
Only $17.99
Works with your angle grinder to strip large areas quickly
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Rust Removal Chemicals

Surface rust is common on wheels, frames, brake rotors, chassis parts and some older body panels. If their strength is still intact, Eastwood Rust Dissolver will wash away this unwanted substance without harming the metal or paint. This innovative rust remover chemical comes in liquid or gel form and will leave the surface ready for priming and coating. The Fast Etch dissolver adds a zinc phosphate coating that helps prevent the rust from coming back.

Grinders & Rust Strippers

As great as chemicals are for some applications, you may still need to resort to the "brute force" method if the oxide is really bad. Add our rust removal attachments to a drill or angle grinder to manually strip rust away so you can paint or add patch panels. We stock stripping discs for working on flat surfaces and wire brushes for pipes, cylinders and tubing. You can take the rust of fasteners as well with a bolt cleaner that removes the grime and freshens up the threads.

Find the Right Solution at Eastwood

We've dealt with plenty of rust on restoration projects in our time, and we dislike it as much as you. Our rust removers will make this tedious part of bodywork easier so you can get to painting, welding and other more satisfying tasks. Every product we sell has a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee!


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