Learn how to treat rust before it ruins your car

Rust Removal

It's always best to start with clean, shiny, rust free metal. You can grind and sand your way there, and that is a good idea for some surfaces and some projects, but there is an easier chemical way to do it as well. Rust Dissolver is a great way to get down to the clean, solid metal before you start with primer and paint. The gel formula will even adhere to vertical surfaces, and it doesn't even harm paint! Perfect for body work restoration. Fast Etch dissolves rust and leaves a zinc phosphate coating that is ready to be painted.

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Leaves de-rusted metal ready to paint or powder-coat; liquid or gel

Starting at: $19.99

Dissolves rust, leaves a protective zinc-phosphate coating, all in 1 step

Starting at: $8.97

3M™ Scotch-Brite™ discs get down to bare metal fast to clean and strip
Only $42.99
Works with your drill to scrape away rust, paint and other coatings
Only $15.99
Works with your angle grinder to strip large areas quickly
Only $7.99
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