Rust Treatment & Removal Products & Solutions + How To Tech

Rust Treatment & Removal Products & Solutions + How To Tech

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Eastwood Guide to Rust Treatment, Removal and Prevention

A lot has changed about auto restoration since Eastwood got started in 1978. But one thing is still the same: rust is a problem. Lucky for you, Eastwood offers the best rust removal and treatment products, plus the tech help and videos to show you how it’s done.

There are three primary types of rust products – mechanical removal, chemical removal and coatings to paint over rust.

Mechanical Removal – There are three basic techniques for mechanically removing rust – Cutting, Sanding/Grinding, and Blasting.

  • Cutting the rusty metal out completely can be done using a plasma cutter, pneumatic cut off tool or panel cutting saw. Then you simply repair the area with a new panel, floor pan or patch panel.
  • Stripping the rust off the metal is done using the Contour SCT, stripping disc on a grinder, rotary removal tool or a needle-scaler. This technique won’t always remove 100% of the rust like a chemical or abrasive blasting because if there is pitting, it will be difficult to get the rust completely out of the pits, and may require you to apply a product on top to seal it like Rust Encapsulator, or to wipe a chemical like Fast Etch over the pitted areas to get the rust out of those spots. But it is a very popular and economical solution not only for car parts but for lawn furniture and items around the house.
  • Abrasive Blasting will remove all of the rust and is a popular choice whether you need to clean sheet metal, brackets or a frame. Large parts like frames or hoods can be blasted with a pot style pressure blaster outside. Smaller parts can be cleaned in a blast cabinet, which range from small bench style to very large industrial cabinets. There is also the option to use a small hand-help Speed Blaster Gun if you only have small areas that need prepped.

Chemical Removal - This technique involves using a product like Fast Etch or Rust Remover and either wiping it on the product or soaking the product in the chemical. This will remove all of the rust and leave you with bare metal ready for Epoxy Primer or a primer of your choice.

Paint Over Rust - This is an incredibly popular and simple method of sealing the rust so it doesn’t spread. Rust Encapsulator is available in many formulas to help seal rust, whether it’s a car part or an item around your house. It’s even available in a textured formula. If you need to seal rust in a frame, rocker panel, or pillar, check out Eastwood Internal Frame Coating which has a long hose to go into those hard to reach areas.

No matter what type of rust removal or treatment you need to accomplish, Eastwood offers the tools and products you need for the best results. Watch the video at the top of the page for a full explanation of the products available and to see them in action.