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Videos and Articles

How To Stop And Prevent Rust

For as long as there have been cars, there have been rusty parts. Water, snow, salt and other elements are constantly trying to eat away at the metals used throughout your vehicle. For safety and aesthetic reasons, you want your automobile to be as rust-free as possible. Eastwood’s rust-stop products are used for countless vehicle restoration projects and custom builds to stop iron oxide before it can corrode your prized machine. We offer a number of innovative finishes and coatings that treat and stop unsightly rust.

How to Remove Surface Rust

Rust is cancer for metal and it can be a small annoyance or can even wreck an entire car. Removing heavy rust can be a long, labor intensive job. Surface rust or rust stains can be removed fairly easily if you have the right arsenal of tools or chemicals. Below we put together our top 5 ways to remove surface rust from metal.....READ MORE

How to Fix Rust Pits in Metal

If you are lucky, your project car is straight with no big holes rusted in in behind the wheels in the fenders and quarter panels. But even if there is no rust through there, you may find that rock nicks and chips have allowed salt and moisture to eat little pits in the metal.....READ MORE

When to Use Rust Encapsulator vs. Rust Converter

Our tech team answers a lot of technical calls and emails each day and there are a lot of common questions asked and advice given. Many of them are about when and where to use our different coatings and paints. Rust products might be the most confusing as far as when to use them and which one is correct for your rust situation. I decided to put together this quick article to help you decide when you should use Rust Encapsulator vs. Rust Converter....READ MORE

Rust Encapsulator FAQ

Is Rust Encapsulator paintable? – Yes, you can prime and paint over top of this product with nearly any top coat or primer...READ MORE

How to fix Small Rust Spots

If you own anything made of metal there’s a chance you’re going to fight rust sometime in your life. If you own a car that’s more than a few years old there’s an even larger chance rust will creep into your life (there’s a pun there). I decided to break down some common misconceptions about rust and give you a broad overview on how to fix those small rust spots on your car....READ MORE

Rust Converter FAQ

What happens if you sand to bare steel and just use as insurance? – Rust Converter needs the rust to properly work and cure (think of it as the catalyst for the product). Rust Converter is intended for heavier rust. If applied over bare metal, it will not cure properly and can actually cause light flash rust. If you have an area that you sanded off rust completely, Rust Encapsulator is the product to use in a situation where you have bare metal....READ MORE

How to Remove, Treat, and Prevent Rust

Rust is something we all must deal with at some point in our lives. Whether it’s maintaining your daily driver, restoring a classic, or just around the house, rust is a type of corrosion that never sleeps and is always attacking metal. Below are the common ways to prevent, remove and stop rust in its tracks.....READ MORE

Rusty Gas Tank Restoration

It’s one thing to have to fight rust that is easily accessible, like on floor pans or quarter panels, where it isn’t too hard to get to the problem area. Nothing is worse than restoring a vehicle, only to find that the fuel tank you have in it is full of loose rust and coated in varnish. I recently fell victim to this exact problem with my VW pickup truck project. I had gone through quite an extensive job in getting this truck to the stage where it was almost drivable, only to be stopped dead in my tracks. If you are unfortunate (or masochistic) enough to have to go through this process, I decided to do a fairly universal “how-to” pictorial of how to go through this process....READ MORE