Underhood Paints

Detail paints for under the hood compartment and components

Eastwood Engine Compartment Paints

When you bring your restored muscle car or hot rod to a show, you know that other classic car nuts will want to lift the hood. By using Eastwood underhood paints, you'll be sure they're gazing at the power plant rather than at rust and stains. We have high-quality paints for every nook and cranny of the engine compartment to make it look its first day on the road. Finishes from Calyx, POR-15, SEM and VHT accompany our own innovative coatings for your ride.

Underhood Part & Detailing Paints

You can paint every component and every inch of your engine interior by shopping today. Use Eastwood chassis paint and radiator paint for these specialized parts and our own all-around underhood paint or detail coating for supports, fender wells, firewalls, brackets and other inner parts. Many of our products come in either classic pints for air guns or an aerosol spray for a one-step application. With so many Eastwood paint colors to choose from, you can match any factory stock paint code or do a custom job.

High-Temperature Eastwood Coatings

The heat can really rise underneath the hood, especially for engine and exhaust parts. Our high-temp paints are designed to thrive in these intense environments. Many of our underhood products in stock, include our radiator, diamond clear, carb renew and zinc phosphate finishes, are rated for 300-degree temperature resistance. When it's time to paint parts such as the engine block and cylinders, go with ceramic engine enamel that will withstand up to 650-degrees. The most extreme coatings we offer will hold strong in up to 2,000 degrees, perfect for exhaust manifolds and headers on race cars.

Great Looks & Performance

Eastwood DIY automotive products are made to not just last in your vehicle, but look good as they do so. We regularly travel to car shows to see our underhood paints in action and get feedback on what other features will benefit users. You'll have our complete support with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee, full warranty and toll-free tech advice.

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Hi Temp Engine Paint

Your car engine generates significant heat when it's running, so the engine paint you use on it better be a high-temperature paint like those available on these pages. Our high-temp engine paints have been specially formulated with ceramic nano-technology to withstand up to 650 degreesF, for a long-lasting, factory-fresh finish.

Eastwood offers you dozens of engine paint colors to choose from, to match OEM colors both new and old. It's easy to apply these engine block paints — just brush or spray on (for best results, metallic high-temp paints should be sprayed on). Motorcycle engine? Paint it with this high-temp paint for the same protection and finish!

Learn why Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint is the best!

Exhaust Paints

Exhaust parts get hot. Really hot. So hot that most paints will burn right off. Eastwood however has a selection of paints available formulated to withstand up to 1200 and even 1300°F, while protecting your exhaust from rust, and looking great too. We even have a paint to protect the inside of headers & manifolds, up to 1800°F, that can decrease underhood temps, and may even increase scavenging, which all adds up to more power.

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