Underhood Paints

Detail paints for under the hood compartment and components

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Seal pinhole leaks in steel, alum.; some fiberglass gas, diesel tanks

Only $14.99

Sale $12.97

Keep rust out of your vehicle's fuel system, and seal minor leaks

Starting at: $39.97

4-step kit cleans, prepares and seals your vehicle's gas tank

Only $81.99

Sale $77.97

Cleans, prep and seals smaller fuel tanks in motorbikes, cycles, etc.

Only $51.99

Sale $49.97

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Fuel Tank Sealers

Gas tanks can rust from the inside out, and sometimes replacing them just isn't an option. On top of that, gas can go bad and gum up a perfectly good tank just because it sat for a while. Eastwood has solutions for all your fuel tank issues. Whether you need to seal up a pinhole leak, or a much larger one. Or maybe you just want to paint the exterior of the tank to keep it from rusting. Or you've got a boss old fiberglass cafe racer tank you want to seal from exposure to the caustic effects of modern gas.

Eastwood carries our own line, plus the legendary products from POR-15 to seal anything from a 2 gallon peanut tank on a chopper, to a full sized car's 20+ gallon tank. Even if you don't have a leak, these sealers and kits will clean out the gunk and keep the rust in your tank out of your motor.


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