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Panel Flanger Set Regular And X Wide

Item #31021 Brand: Eastwood

2-pc. set makes easy flush repairs
over a wide range of lengths

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Make easy flush repairs of different lengths with our 2-Pc. Panel Flanger Set Both adjustable locking panel flangers (or flanging pliers) produce a step deep enough for flush repairs in 18-gauge or thinner metal.
  • Panel Flanger creates straight or curved flanges 5/8" x 5/8"
  • Extra-Wide Panel Flanger works into corners or on long, straight sections, producing a flange 5/8" x 2-1/2"

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About Panel Flanger Set Regular And X Wide

Our Panel Flanger Set includes both a standard and extra-wide flanger at a savings over individual pricing. The Standard Panel Flanger works best around curves. The Extra-Wide Panel Flanger works best for quick flanges on long, straight runs and in square corners.

For strong rivet repairs, clamp repair panel to the stepped area, drill 1/8" holes for rivets, and use our Dimpling Pliers (31089) before installing rivets to strengthen the joint and minimize filler. Use our Panel Holding System (19074) to hold panels together for welding.


31092 Standard-Width Panel Flanger
31090 Extra-Wide Panel Flanger


19074 Panel Holding System
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31020 Aluminum Countersunk Rivets, 500-Pack

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