Project Jump Start

Eastwood wants to Jumpstart your stalled project!

We're looking to donate tools and parts AND OUR HELP to jumpstart a portion of your project that's stalled! Submit your request below with the following details and we'll review and contact you directly if you're chosen!

Please email us the following information to

  1. Name, City, State and Project Vehicle
  2. What's the background on your project (how long have you had it, where did you find it, etc.)
  3. What part of your project are you stalled on and for how long?
  4. What is your work space like? (2 car garage, 800 sq. ft., etc.)
  5. What is your experience level/background like? (no experience is totally ok!)
  6. Please attach a minimum of 3 photos of your project vehicle and work space.


By submitting your project, Eastwood’s team may reach out to you for more details about your project. Submission does not guarantee that your vehicle will be chosen. If chosen, you must agree to and sign Eastwood’s model and release forms. Eastwood has the right to use any and all images/video in Marketing materials.