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Eastwood has developed a broad range of products that go hand-in-hand with its newly produced Pro Former Tubing Bender. In keeping with its mission, these products are brought to the auto hobbyist and enthusiast, allowing them to get professional results at a cost two to three times less than industrial products. These include:

Eastwood's MIG Welders have a smooth wire feed motor, a gentle trigger control, and infinitely adjustable wire speed and voltage. The Eastwood MIG Welder line includes a 110 Volt input 135 Amp MIG Welder and a more robust 220 Volt input 175 Amp MIG Welder. Each unit comes with a Tweco™ style gun, ground cable assembly, gas flow regulator and hose, hand held shield, wire brush and a 2lb spool of .0023” Mig Wire. Also the 175 Amp Mig Welder is equipped with a spool gun, making aluminum plate welding possible.

Eastwood’s Pipe Notcher is designed for use with any handheld drill or drill press features & specifications. The Pipe Notcher sses standard hole saw blades up to 2.5” and compound angle adjustment up to 60 degrees. It has easy to read angle scales and holds up to 2” diameter round tube or 2”x2.5" rectangular tube. The chrome-plated frame creates any angle saddle notch on the pipe for weld fit-up.

Eastwood markets unique tools and supplies for repair, restoration, and modification of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Founded in 1978, Eastwood constantly strives to develop new products to serve the home automotive hobbyist, as well as individuals and organizations focused on the restoration and preservation of automobiles and motorcycles. Writers are always welcome to use any article in Eastwood's Free Tech Library, with attribution. contact Connie LaMotta,, 845 596 6091.