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Rockwood Battery Maintainer

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Rockwood Battery Maintainer

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The Rockwood Battery Charger/Maintainer is equipped with a fully automatic microprocessor control unit to safely keep your 12 volt automotive, marine, motorcycle, lawn equipment and power-sports batteries at their peak power and efficiency.

  • 12 Volt DC, 0.8 Amp (800 ma) output capacity
  • Automatic input power, charging, & fully charged LED display
  • Automatic switching; charge/maintain/charge microprocessor circuitry
  • Connect to side-or top-mount battery terminals
  • Ideal for maintaining and charging during storage
  • Input power requirements = 120 V AC, 60 Hz., 0.25 Amp

Features reverse polarity, short-circuit, and overload protection. The four-function LED display is easy to read. The Charger/Maintainer is excellent for maintaining a battery at full charge even through seasonal storage.

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About Rockwood Battery Maintainer

This is a 0.8 amp battery maintainer that can be used on any 12 volt lead acid battery. Use this tool to keep all of your 12 volt batteries in top shape as they are stored for long periods of time.


Contains One Charger Assembly with 2 charging pigtails.


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Always wear proper safety equipment when working with automotive batteries. There are safety concerns requarding explosive materials, electrical shock and possible acids burns.


Made in China, 1 year Warranty

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