Welders and Plasmas Sale
Fathers Day Gift Guide
RUST ENCAPSULATOR is the BEST product on the market for sealing and preventing rust. #16060Z EW
Rust Encapsulator Aerosol
Reg. $22.99 SAVE 20% thru Dec.1-ONLY $18.39
MAXXPOWER CHEVY HEI DISTRIBUTOR 100% new high-performance unit with 50,000 volt coil. #11770 GM 1955-80 HEI Distributor 283-454 CID INTRODUCTORY PRICE thru Dec 1-ONLY $99.99
CERAMIC CHASSIS BLACK is our most durable, chemical resistant, easy to spray chassis paint! #50545ZP 2K Satin Ceramic Chassis Black, Qt. Reg. $59.99 SAVE 20% thru Dec.1-ONLY $47.99
FENDER FINISHER rolls fender lip and saves larger tires from being shredded due to poor clearance. #11537 Eastwood Fender Roller
Introductory Price thru
Dec.1-ONLY $79.99
CONCOURS GUN requires only 4 CFM to produce beautiful finishes with primers, bases, or clear coats. #51550 Eastwood Concours HVLP
Reg. $159.99 SAVE 20%
thru Dec.1-ONLY $127.99
Brake Forming Tool Pliers adjust 3/16" & 1/4" brake & fuel lines with a twist of the wrist. #49074 Eastwood Brake Forming Tool Pliers
Reg. $29.99 SAVE 20%
thru Dec.1-ONLY $23.99
HOTCOAT POWDER COATING SYSTEM gives you a high-quality pro finish in your home shop. Easy set-up, easy to use, & easy to clean-up. #10198 Original Hotcoat Powder Coating Gun
Reg. $99.99 SAVE 20%
thru Dec.1-ONLY $79.99
EASTWOOD'S SODA BLASTER removes paint without damaging or warping metal - perfect for fiberglass! Professional results. #50095 Eastwood D.I.Y. Soda/Abrasive Blaster
Reg. $279.99 SAVE $56
thru Dec.1-ONLY $223.99
7-Piece HAMMER/DOLLY KIT features cushioned fiberglass handles and polished work surfaces. Ideal for the demanding enthusiast. #31198 Eastwood Pro 7-Piece Body Repair Kit Reg. $99.99 SAVE 20%
thru Dec.1-ONLY $79.99