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Rust Remover - Eastwood Rust Dissolver

Item #Rust Dissolver 12096

Leaves de-rusted metal ready to paint or powder-coat; liquid or gel
  1. Eastwood Rust Dissolver Qt
    Item #16037
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  2. EW Gel Rust Dissolver Quart
    Item #12096
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  3. Eastwood Rust Dissolver Gallon
    Item #16038

    Only $39.99

    Sale $22.97

    In stock

  4. Eastwood Gel Rust Dissolver Gallon
    Item #12097
    Only $49.99

    In stock



Eastwood Rust Dissolver removes only the rust, and won't eat-away at the metal itself. Leaves the newly de-rusted metal ready to paint, plate or powder-coat.

  • Gentle enough for engine parts
  • Reusable
  • Removes about 5 sq. ft. of rust per quart

Liquid rust Dissolver works as long as the surface is wet. Items that cannot be fully immersed due to size can be placed in the discharge stream of a commonly available small pump. One gallon de-rusts about 20 square feet of metal.

This product is not safe to use on aluminum.

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