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Rust Treatment for Metal and Your Car

Stop rust from ruining your ride with the best rust treatment products and know-how from Eastwood. In the worlds of both auto restoration and everyday driving, it’s hard to avoid rusty parts. But instead of trying to chase down new parts, doing complicated body repairs or sending a vehicle to the junkyard, using car rust treatment can keep your car on the road. We are the leading DIY auto rust technicians with solutions to prevent iron oxide spots from spreading throughout the vehicle. These products come from our R&D guys along with respected manufacturers like POR-15 and Berkebile.

Auto Body Rust Repair

We provide many automotive rust treatment methods for everything from body panels to wheel wells. Eastwood Rust Encapsulator is a proven paint-over-rust solution that seals red oxide while leaving a UV-protective coating. Choose from the original formula, Rust Encapsulator Plus or Rust Encapsulator Platinum in both paint gun and aerosol spray forms. It’s available in several colors so you don’t even need a separate topcoat.

Eastwood Rust Converter is another reliable rust neutralizing solution. Just paint or spray it on and let the formula penetrate the rust, transforming it into a ready-to-paint surface. Those who live in northern regions will want rubberized undercoating, which stops winter road sludge from ruining the frame and exhaust. A jug of roadway salt neutralizer is also a must, as it won’t let the substance ruin vehicles, farm equipment or house siding.

DIY Rust Treatment Solutions

Getting rid of rust is as easy as using a paint gun, brush or aerosol spray can when you shop at Eastwood. We back everything we sell with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. To learn more about how these products work, click on them to watch a product video or visit the Eastwood Garage. Our tech team can also chat seven days a week by phone or email.