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"Thanks for your interest in PAINTUCATION! I've put together a comprehensive DVD series educating you on the basics of auto body repair, panel replacement and painting. You'll easily learn new and old school tricks the pros have been using for decades on top flight restorations.

Stuck or have questions? Contact me directly on the Eastwood Shop Talk Forum and I’ll personally answer your questions.

Whether you are doing a patch repair or a full restoration, PAINTUCATION is there to help, check out my Paintucation videos below."
Kevin Tetz

The Paint-U-Cation DVD series by popular television host Kevin Tetz teaches everything about restoring and redefining your ride. From rust repair to painting a complete car, these DVD's are great for any beginner to the more experienced.

Listed Below are the DVD's Included in the Paint-U-Cation 7 DVD Set
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